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Chapter One: Before We Get Started
We’re sharing the globe with 5 generations. What are the implications for you and your studio?

Chapter Two: Still Contemplating
Is an iPad worth the investment?

What People are Saying

"Hi, Leila! I just received my copy of "The iPad Piano Studio" and it looks fantastic! I look forward to using it with my piano pedagogy students. Thank you for this terrific contribution to the profession." - Dr. Christopher Fisher

All About the Book

Between the covers you will find information, ideas, insight and inspiration on integrating the iPad within every aspect of studio teaching. Yes, it's called the iPad PIANO Studio, but teachers of other instruments will find the book beneficial as well. From those who are still contemplating the purchase of an iPad to those considered "veteran" iPad owners, there's something for everyone. The chapters are concise with striking graphics and a fresh format so that information can be gathered quickly.

The book is offered as a paper back or digital edition. The paperback price includes the digital edition. Both formats include a growing library of videos plus a blog which will provide ongoing support and teaching tips--all accessed through dynamic QR codes.

Take advantage of this state-of-the-art paperback experience. The fusion of physical, digital and online experiences provides an exclusive hybrid approach that combines a continual stream of the latest information, ideas, insight and inspiration.

I cannot wait for you to experience what I've held close for over a year.

The Hybrid Experience

Today, publishers recognize the need to offer both physical and virtual reading experiences. Through the support of the Digital Book Cloud service, iPad Piano Studio readers will enjoy that popular “I want to access my content anywhere” spirit instantly.


Leila writes for a number of blogs and magazines. She enjoys attending and presenting at conferences and even has a few book signings coming up in the near future. To learn more about where to find her articles and appearances click "Read More"


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SimpleTEC Magazine

As a special $10.00 bonus, when you purchase the Book (Combo Pack or E-Book Only), you will also receive a copy of the premier issue of SimpleTEC - a Digital Discovery Magazine For Music Educators.

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