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The iPad Piano Studio Teacher: Kristin Yost

There are so many teachers who have taken advantage of the iPad and its Image-4amazing apps and Kristin Yost is definitely one of them. She seems particularly fond of the ways the iPad helps her manage her life, her studio and her booming business.

Here’s her brief bio:

Kristin Yost, NCTM, co-founded the Centre for Musical Minds with Dr. Sam Holland in 2008 where she serves a executive director and piano teaching faculty. Ms Yost holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and MM in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Southern Methodist University. A published author with twelve years of teaching experiences, she is an active presenter throughout the United States and Europe and continues to look for ways to keep music learning at the piano engaging, joyful, and an experience you won’t want to miss.

Kristin, how long have you integrated the iPad into your teaching?

The first iPad didn’t have much to offer me from a teaching standpoint, so I held off until the iPad2 came out, and was one of the first ones to purchase Continue reading