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Piano Maestro, ranked the #1 Education App, is an in-depth educational tool for students beginning to study piano. Piano Maestro helps students practice and learn their sight-reading, rhythm, technique, playing with both hands and much more.

Have you been using your free subscription to Piano Mania?

Now it’s FREE!

Here’s your opportunity to test Piano Maestro

for yourself and with your students.

Simply download the app by clicking here.

Once you have  downloaded the latest update, go into the app and if it doesn’t prompt you, click on the “Parents/Teachers” button (top right). Go to the Account tab on the bottom to make sure you are verified as a teacher and to get the app for FREE!

Did you already pay for the app and need a refund?

  • Make sure to update the app in the Appstore. Open the app there and you will see an update button instead of download. If you see an “open” button then the app has already been updated.
  • Open the app and it will ask if you need to apply for a refund.
  • OR, email JoyTunes, the developers of Piano Maestro at “” for all the details, and bare with them – as you can imagine this will be a crazy, but very exciting and busy time for them.
The developers of Piano Maestro

The developers of Piano Maestro

To help you stay up to date with all the latest Piano Maestro happenings, I’ll plan to keep this page updated with helpful information for you and your studio.


Web links

Get the latest from JoyTunes, the developers of Piano Maestro HERE.

To obtain “instant” answers for your questions, make sure to join the JoyTunes Teachers Facebook Group.



Here’s a Pdf to share with parents about the app.

Here’s a Pdf to step teachers through the process of using the app with students.



All JoyTunes Video tutorials can be accessed HERE.

Learn how to connect your student to your Piano Maestro Account.

Learn how to connect a student account to your teacher’s account.

Learn more about and how to add Home Challenges for your students in the video below.



1) There are 37 chapters and 3-5 levels within each chapter. The last level reaches to about Piano Adventures Level 3a. That’s basically late elementary/early intermediate. If you need harder music, consider using the Daniel McFarlane‘s Super Sonics pieces in the method section. The library and exercises have exercises & songs up to the late intermediate level.

2) Keep track of students who have access to iPads at home with these student-binder stickers. David Love kindly provided these for your use. Use this Pdf and print your own stickers.Piano Maestro Stickers 2


Purchase these stickers and use the printable below to create your own stickers
Place them on student binders to remind you of those with access to an iPad at home.



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