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Introducing an amazing online e-book service called DIGITAL BOOK CLOUD (DBC). When you purchase the iPad Piano Studio book, you will immediately gain access to the E-Book version of your copy and other associated offerings as well — like the premier issue of SimpleTEC magazine.

In addition, reading a book on DBC offers a host of features that utilizes the ingenuity of your device for a unique interactive experience. You can page zoom, keyword search, bring pages to life with associated “click to play” video hot spots, and jump to important outside websites thanks to a series of highlighted text links throughout the book. What do you need to use DBC?

The benefit of DBC is that it stores your book on the "cloud." Are you foggy on what "cloud" means? Simply stated - you do not need to download any special app for your computer or device - you just need a high-speed internet connection and a DBC online account, that's it. The moment you log-in, your will see your E-book (or E-mag) streaming from our dedicated e-book web server. That's why the term "digital cloud" is often used today, because your E-book (or other content) is out there floating in a cloud, it's not on your computer. Another "cloud" advantage is that you can access your content from multilple product platforms – a home computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android and more.

Getting A DBC Account - To view a "Digital Book Cloud" E-Book or E-Mag, you will be required to create your own DBC account using your email & password. Making an account is easy and it's FREE - click here. Or for your convenience, your account will automatically be set up during checkout when you purchase the book. For more information regarding the Digital Book Cloud service, or for tech support – please contact … info@digitalbookcloud.com