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Note From Diane

"I ordered your ipad book and was pleasantly surprised to see that I am on top of the game in using my ipad in my studio. I garnered some new ideas to try and acknowledged I am doing a good job of bringing technology into my studio. I am eager to share your book with some of my colleagues that are working to get up to speed! Thank You!" -Diane

Greeting from Christopher Fisher

Hi, Leila! I just received my copy of "The iPad Piano Studio" and it looks fantastic! I look forward to sharing it with my piano pedagogy students. Thank you for this terrific contribution to the profession. -Dr. Christopher Fisher, Associate Professor at Ohio State University

Words from Barbara G

"I received this a few weeks ago and its inspired me! I've been a little unsure about how to go about incorporating iPad apps into a lesson. This was perfect to give me the info I needed to go forward and do just that. I would have to say that I can see this book would be useful for any instrument teacher, not just limited to piano." -Barbara G

Praise from Karen Koch

Promise, this is not a paid-for advertisement. I woke up to these kind words from Karen Koch of Music Educators' Marketplace: "I'm not given to gushing, but your book is completely gushable! As a new iPad owner, I'm digesting the book slowly and enjoying every practical hint offered with your voice of experience and in accessible language. I also just shared your blog connecting milk marketing and a music deprivation campaign on the Music Educators' Marketplace page. I'm so glad your contributions are seeing daylight! Thanks!" -Karen Koch, Music Educator's Marketplace

Virginia's Thoughts

"Awesome book! For those teachers that haven't started using iPad in their lessons please rethink! We started this week using Tenuto app for note reading (can do intervals too). If you use flash cards - don't. This is so much more appealing to kids of today. 1 min. Club for 20 notes. Beginners? Whatever they know (one student last night just did treble C,D and E). You can make it anything you want. Response? They love it!" -Virgina Carpenter

Review by Jennifer Foxx

"With a little encouragement and support from several friends, Leila made this book possible to help teachers feel more comfortable with the way technology is moving forward. The great thing about iPads is the technology is really not too complicated. I find it much easier to work and keep up with then I ever did with computer software and hardware. Matter of fact, I have found this year that I use my iPad in my studio lab (I have a separate one for my lab) a lot more than the computer."

-Click here for Jennifer Foxx's Full review at fpsresources.com

Thoughts From Melissa Harris

"Leila's book, The iPad Piano Studio, is so very timely. If we're committed to making music education relevant in today's digital world, we must begin by educating ourselves. We could continue to offer piano lessons in a strictly traditional manner, but why wouldn't we embrace the technology that can teach such essential skills as theory, sight-reading and ear training in a truly dynamic, engaging way? Whether you're considering expanding your offerings or encouraging students to incorporate apps into their weekly home practice (or both!), The iPad Piano Studio is the perfect place to start. And Leila's weekly updates will help keep you and your students on-track!" -Melissa Harris, Piano Studio of Cape Cod and Developer of the SightReadPlus app

Review by Elena Cobb

"I would like to recommend ‘The iPad Piano studio’ Keys of Unlocking the Power of Apps by Leila Viss to piano teachers of all styles. And considering the interest from my colleagues who teach other musical instruments – to anyone involved in music education. It will save your time – you will have access the best apps for any lesson situation at your fingers tips. No pun intended!"

Click here for Elena Cobb's full review at Elena Cobb's Blog

Review by Bradley Sowash

"In the same spirit of transparency, I will admit that Leila Viss is my friend and colleague (we direct 88 Creative Keys Camp together) and that my name appears in this book more than once along with a host of other colleagues from whom she wisely asked for input (it takes a village). Does this point to a bias in my review? Not a chance. When I say that The iPad Piano Studio is a practical and helpful resource written in a candid, user-friendly style that will inspire piano teachers to take advantage of today’s technology, it’s because it is."

Click here for Bradley Sowash's full review at EyeEarRevolution.com

Confirmation from Sam Holland

"Congratulations on the book. I ordered both versions right from the email blast and the hard copy arrived today. Looks great. I’m teaching Current Trends in the Spring and this will be required reading." Dr. Samuel Holland, Professor of Music and Director of the Division of Music at Meadow School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University.